• 我們接受商品客製化服務(例如更換飾品材質、顏色等等),歡迎與我們聯絡。
  • 正常的情形下商品會在完成交易後三至五天內寄出,手工品需要等待敬請包涵,若有特殊情形會另外告知。
  • 我們的飾品為手作飾品,而手作品並無十全十美,手作之美就在於它的不完美,比如正常製作過程產生的痕跡,或是耳環兩邊大小輕微不一致等,均屬正常範圍,無法認同者下標前請三思。
  • 下訂單後請3日內完成匯款,未完成匯款訂單將自動取消,如有特殊情況請通知我們
  • 由於飾品有衛生方面考量,我們不提供7日退換貨,在您購買前歡迎與我們聯繫發問,我們會盡所能提供您詳細的答案。
  • 有任何問題歡迎與我們信箱、FacebookInstagram聯絡,我們盡量短時間內即時協助。
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謝謝配合 希望各位美人魚購物愉快

ALOHA Mermaids ! Welcome to MAKAI MYJEWELRY.

Here is our shop policies,please read before purchasing.

  • We take custom-order (ex,changing the color of beads or clip earrings),welcome to discuss details with us.
  • All orders will be ready to ship in 1-3 days,if there’s particular case we will let you know.
  • Since our items are handmade,slightly craft traces or two of a pair earrings are slightly different is acceptable,please consider before purchasing if you don’t agree.
  • Due to hygiene reasons, all order is not returnable.
  • If you have any question please feel free to contact us on Facebook,Instagram or email.
  • By place the order, you’ll agree to the MAKAI MYJEWELRY's shop policies.

Mahalo for reading, hope you enjoy shopping with us.

14KGF sea glass earrings